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House with complex place and center

It is a renovation of a wooden house built in 1983 in a town prospered as a port town for two hours by train from Tokyo.
Wooden houses in the suburbs mass-produced in the 1980s secured as much floor space as possible, packed rooms with sizes of about 6 to 8 tatami mats in it, and were structured individually, There were many things that did not understand the whole composition and the state of other rooms when inside, and this house was also so.
A busy couple places a large common space (living room) that straightens the building in order to live while sharing a small connection, and so as to surround the common space, like a room like outside, inside The terrace, a room like a separate room, an atelier, a bedroom, a reading room, etc. In the building we arranged a place where facial expressions vary variously in the day and in the year with various properties.
The common space changes the height of the ceiling for each place, partly adjusts the area by installing a colonnade at the top and connects the second floor and the first floor. By doing so, we can intersect various lines of sight inside and create quality of various spaces and feel familiarity wherever you are. The space of the living dining room on the first floor is a space connected by reinforcing the beam and removing the column as much as possible so that the space on the first floor is a connected space and the second floor leaves the existing pillars as much as possible so as to gently divide the privacy room of the second floor It is creating a sharp contrast.
By sharing the common area inside the building and connecting the upper and lower with a breeze, from the individual space to the common space, the family is a building that was born and raised, sending a new life while making a new discovery, I hope to connect to the next generation.

Principal use:house
address:Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture
building area:111.24m²
total floor area : 165.06m²
photo:Kenta Hasegawa